Telematic systems - general information

We usually know where we are going - where our destination is, where our cargo has to be delivered. We need to know the current traffic situation on our route throughout our journey. This means locations of closings, traffic diversions, locations where an accident has just taken place, places of traffic queues occurring due to heavy traffic, places of unfavourable weather conditions of impaired road passability.

Based on legislation or other regulations or agreements, the information about limited road capacity or passability is entered into the Integrated Traffic Information System of the Czech Republic by the Czech Police, Czech Fire Rescue Service, Emergency Medical Service, and other bodies, organizations, and institutions directly from their agenda information services.

Certain types of information may be continuously monitored and evaluated in real time only using SPECIAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES - TELEMATIC SYSTEMS.

Telematic applications (intelligent traffic systems) are modern information and communication technologies that monitor and evaluate specific traffic characteristics directly on the roads, inform of the current traffic situation, or direct the traffic on the given road directly according to defined rules.

Telematic systems allow continuous monitoring and evaluating of traffic flow characteristics along the given road section (traffic density, vehicle line average speed, vehicle following distances, etc.), (air temperature, road surface temperature, precipitation, visibility, freezing point, etc.) or, for example, traffic composition, vehicle weight, stolen vehicle passage, etc. The information and data are then processed in the National Traffic Information Centre (NTIC). The information is then, via other telematic technologies, published for drivers (variable message signs, variable traffic signs) or they are used to direct the traffic (road line traffic control).

Gradually, intelligent motorways and expressways are being built in the Czech Republic, similarly to many other European countries, in full accordance with the EU action plan.

From September 2010, a modern telematic system shall cover the integrated network consisting of D5, R1, D1, and D2 motorways and expressways from Rozvadov to Břeclav. Gradually, other roads are also becoming intelligent ones.