RDS – TMC receiver sets

Receiving the RDS-TMC signal is only possible using navigation devices that support the service.

On the market and among the drivers, two types of these devices are the most widespread:

  • devices that are permanently integrated into the vehicle that are usually purchased with the vehicle as a part of its standard equipment,
  • portable devices that are placed into a special holder on the windshield or dashboard of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the user manuals do not describe the RDS-TMC feature of the device in much detail. The most important step is actually the selection of receiving a specific service, which is done either via the automatic selection feature of the device or by setting up the selected service individually (for the Czech Republic e.g. JSDI-CRO on the frequencies of the Czech Radio 3). The location of the aerial is also important; it should not be hidden or shielded e.g. by metallized glass. A high quality reception of the FM signal through a well placed aerial is crucial in order to use the RDS-TMC service.