Broadcasting in the Czech Republic

The nationwide service is broadcast with the identification JSDI-CRO (Czech for ITIS-Czech Radio).

RDS-TMCČeský rozhlas

The RDS-TMC service is an integral part of the Integral Traffic Information System for the Czech Republic and is run in cooperation with Czech Radio on the network of Czech Radio 3 transmitters, specifically on the following frequencies:, - Brno 90.4, Brno 102, České Budějovice 96.1, Hodonín 100.4, Cheb 106.2, Chomutov 96.3, Jeseník 98.2, Jihlava 95.4, Kaplice 105.9, Karlovy Vary 105.7, Kašperské Hory 107.2, Klatovy 88.6, Liberec 103.9, Nové Hrady 102.2, Ostrava 104.8, Pardubice 102.7, Písek 105.2, Plzeň 93.3, Plzeň 95.6, Praha 105. Příbram 107, Trutnov 101.9, Ústí nad Labem 104.5, Valašské Meziříčí 96.8, Varnsdorf 88.4, Vsetín 98.3, Zlín 94.8, Znojmo 99.2

More on the coverage by individual frequencies HERE.

Within the solution of the Connect EU project, also the RDS-TMC traffic info broadcast in the areas and on the roads along the borders with Germany and Austria was tested. The user thus had the opportunity to get the information about traffic accidents and other incidents on the main backbone communication in the neighbouring countries while still in the Czech Republic (the navigation must contain maps containing the location code tables of both countries).


The RDS-TMC broadcast within the ITIS is done using the highest quality and most widespread software by GEWI, a company seated in Germany that has representation in Europe, Asia, and North America. Most of the RDS-TMC services not only in Europe are broadcast using this SW.

The JCDI-CRO (ITIS) service is continuously monitored and the broadcast is optimised technically and technologically as a part of continuous control and research activities. Together with experts, we look for the optimum broadcast settings to achieve the best possible traffic information reception via the service for as many receiver types available on the market as possible.

The ITIS operator has no influence over the quality and content of the information and bears no liability for the other nationwide RDS-TMC service, available under identification CRo_a_GA.

The special RDS-TMC service for our capital is broadcast from the Traffic Information Centre of the Capital City of Prague (operated by the Technical Road Management of the Capital City of Prague) on the frequency of Czech Radio Regina - Prague 92.6.

The identification of the service in the capital city of Prague is TIC PRG.