Valík tunnel control centre

The control centre of Valík tunnel on motorway D5 is located in the Motorway Management and Maintenance Centre in Svojkovice. Like other motorway tunnels in the Czech Republic, this one is also equipped with a number of technologies that are monitored or controlled from the control centre. The tunnel is controlled by the staff of the motorway department of the Czech police.

The video surveillance provides permanent monitoring of traffic in the tunnel and in its immediate proximity. The tunnel is equipped with acoustic signalisation with the option of voice communication of the information in several language versions using loudspeakers. It is possible to communicate using cell phones or a radio station in the tunnel. Fires are automatically detected by a set of sensors that also identify the exact location of the fire and its distance from the tunnel gates.

The tunnel is also equipped with an air conditioning system allowing its standard and emergency ventilation. An important parameter is also the lighting in the tunnel that is adjusted to daylight and eliminates light shocks of the passing drivers. Physical quantities are also measured, from carbon monoxide concentration, speed and direction of air flowing to black ice identification or the block speed of individual passing vehicles. All these parameters are monitored and evaluated in the tunnel control centre.

Most motorway or road tunnels in the Czech Republic (including the Valík tunnel) are equipped with technologies complying with the highest safety standards.