The Accident Blackspots application is one of the outputs of a Czech Ministry of Transport R&D project - Information System for Decision Making Support in the Area of Road Traffic (INFOBESI).

The application is intended to be used by the broad public and public administration.

The project manager was the Transport Research Centre, with VARS Brno, a.s. as a co-manager. The Police of the Czech Republic contributed to the project significantly.

The project focuses on the traffic safety solution with the aim to decrease the traffic accident rate.

The main benefits of the project are the following:

Data on accident blackspots are available for use by the public administration

Systems for the support of the design and monitoring of the effects of the operative and long term measures aimed at the elimination of accident blackspots including cost effectiveness monitoring using other road network information (traffic intensity from the national traffic census, road inventory and road video inventory data, variable parameter measurement data).


For the purposes of accurate localization, a unified procedure of digital geographical localization of accidents was designed and put into practice - all Czech Police intervention squads (more than 200) are equipped with GPS units and accident localization equipment.

Methodologies (Typology of Selected Most Frequent Traffic Accident Types, Catalogue of Anti-Accident Measures, Methodology of Accident Blackspot Identification and Solving, Collision Diagrams) and software means of designing long-term (traffic engineering) measures are available.

Accident blackspots are created annually by evaluating traffic accident records using the following criteria:

  • at least 3 accidents involving death or injury within 1 year
  • at least 3 accidents involving death or injury of the same type within 3 years
  • at least 5 accidents of the same type within 1 year.
The system includes accident blackspots since 2008. They are updated after the closing of the respective calendar year once the traffic accidents are evaluated by the Czech Police. Accidents not investigated by the Czech Police are not regarded.
Accident blackspots calculated for previous years are also available in the application. Thus, we can watch the historical development of a selected spot.

Accident blackspot presentation in an Internet application

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