Subscription to traffic information

Traffic information from the the Unified Traffic Information System for the Czech Republic can be downloaded in XML or DATEX II data format free of charge on the basis of an Application for Permission to Use Digitised Traffic Information

Please send the completed and signed Application for permission to use digitised traffic information to: 

Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic
Department of Road Databank and NDIC
Slovenská 1142/7,
70200 OSTRAVA - Přívoz

Or by e-mail to:

After sending the Application for permission to use digitized road traffic information, it is necessary to register on the website -
Data subscription is handled via standard web services of the data distribution interface.

The data can be subscribed by any legal or natural person who will ensure its further effective dissemination for the benefit of improving road safety and traffic flow or who will use it in their information systems to support their own processes and activities related to traffic and road operation.

A description of the data format can be found here: Unified Traffic Information System for the Czech Republic - Distribution of traffic information through a data distribution interface

If you are interested, you may place a link to the Czech Traffic Portal to your website, as well as a link to a certain area or route from the current traffic situation map.

This link may be generated directly through the pages of the current traffic situation map, including the displayed information (cameras, intensities, traffic incidents, closings and limitations, weather, etc.).

When using traffic information provided by the Czech traffic Portal, it is ALWAYS necessary to state the following source: "ŘSD ČR – JSDI –"