Route search banner

We have prepared a route-search banner for website administrators.

Now, it is possible to place a simple banner on your website where you enter the "fixed" destination (such as your business location, chateau, castle, etc.) and the visitors only enter the start location. The Traffic Portal then generates the route including all closings, accidents and other incidents that may complicate their way to you.

The service is free, (there are no further conditions for you) and may be used in the long-term after the signature of the acceptance protocol.

Service activation instructions

  1. You have to be registered at the portal at
  2. Go to your account settings.
  3. Check the checkbox "I want to use the route-search banner".
  4. Enter the domain where the banner shall be located to the box "Add the URL address".
  5. Save changes.
  • Find the technical documentation here

If you are interested in the provision of the banner, contact