How does it work?

The information about a traffic accident occurrence immediately reaches the National Traffic Information Centre through an emergency call to one of the IRS lines (Czech Police - 158, Fire Rescue Service - 150, Emergency Medical Service - 155) or to the drivers' line of the Czech Road and Motorway Directorate. There, the information is processed and immediately included into the RDS-TMC service broadcast together with other transmitted traffic information.

Coded information about accidents, vehicle fires, closings, traffic obstacles, practicability of roads, etc. is sent automatically from the NTIC to the technological server of the Czech Radio RDS system. From there the information, data-coded using the relevant protocol, is sent to all ground transmitters of the Cro3 circuit and transmitted together with the FM broadcast all over the Czech Republic.

The navigation device is capable of receiving the RDS-TMC data information, decoding it, and displaying it in the map on the device screen in the vehicle.

Thus, drivers may use the device to look for suitable alternative routes or make other decisions based on the knowledge of the current traffic situation.

In order to receive information from the Integrated Traffic Information System for the Czech Republic, the navigation device has to be set up for the JSDI-CRO (ČRo 3) service. As standard, the device is set up to search automatically without the identification of any specific service. This may, in the end, lead to receiving information from a different service than JSDI-CRO.