The Integrated Traffic Information System for the Czech Republic (ITIS)

The Integrated Traffic Information System for the Czech Republic is a joint project of the Czech Ministry of Transport, Czech Ministry of Interior, Czech Road and Motorway directorate, and a number of other public administration bodies, organizations, and institutions, public and private persons and subjects from all over the Czech Republic that cooperate on the project. The ITIS is a complex system environment for the collection, processing, sharing, distribution, and publishing of traffic information and data on the current traffic situation and information about roads, their parts and accessories (CEPK - Central Register of Roads).

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The main goal of the ITIS project implementation is the information support of processes for:

  • the provision of the passability and practicability of roads for the maximum time and over the maximum portion of Czech territory possible,
  • the increase of safety and fluency of traffic through creating a reliable, safe, and environmentally friendly road traffic system.

Diagram of the Integrated Traffic Information System for the Czech Republic

Secondary objectives:

  • To maintain continuous, uninterrupted collection of traffic data and current traffic situation data, i.e. data on all phenomena and incidents that partially or entirely limit the passability and practicability of the Czech road network, or affect directly or indirectly the safety or fluency of traffic.
  • To maintain the mutual coordination of all processes during the actual solving and removing of the impact of the limiting phenomena or incidents (solving a traffic accident at the scene, continuously updating the information about the incident according to the situation until the problem is solved and traffic restored, monitoring the course of repair and maintenance works, etc.).
  • Directing the traffic at the scene or in the road section using the installed telematic applications with the objective of increasing the fluency of traffic, using alternative routes to divert traffic, etc.
  • Providing generally available information about the limiting phenomena or incidents for all users from among motorists, carriers, freighters, public administration bodies, organizations, and institutions (road management and maintenance, traffic supervision, traffic directing, etc.), from among the crisis management and defence planning subjects, media, traffic information service providers, telecommunication service providers, forensic experts, medical doctors, etc. (traffic information in the radio and TV broadcasts, publishing the information on TIE and VTS, in RDS-TMC service broadcasts, telecommunication operator traffic information services, the Internet, data distribution using the data distribution interface, etc.).
  • Providing the support of processes during solving the limiting incidents or phenomena within the competence of the individual subjects (e.g. winter maintenance plan optimisation, repair and maintenance technological procedure optimisation, planning limiting works for low intensity traffic times, etc.).
  • The analysis and design of measures for the elimination of the causes of certain limiting incidents (accident blackspot identification, their redevelopment, preventive appeals to drivers in terms of observing the regulations and principles of safe driving, etc.).
  • Creating the Central Register of Roads, their parts and equipment including the implementation of the GLOBAL NETWORK integrated geo-reference network for the unified localization of phenomena and incidents throughout the entire Czech road network.

The ITIS is an interim output of the joint efforts of a number of bodies, organizations, and institutions as well as of other subjects, such as the Czech Ministry of Traffic, Czech Ministry of Interior, Czech Road and Motorway Directorate, Czech Police, and others.