Traffic Information Centre in Prague

The Traffic Information Centre in Prague entered full operation on Jan. 1st, 2006. Its operation is secured by the Technical Road Management of the Capital City of Prague.

The Traffic Information Centre in Prague provides basic information about traffic load levels (traffic intensity) on selected roads, on planned traffic limitations, traffic accidents and other special situations.

The traffic load is automatically monitored along approx. eighty road network sections in the capital city of Prague.

The traffic information is broadcast using the RDS-TMC system on the radio frequency of the Czech Radio - Regina program and using the website  The outputs of the video surveillance system in the city of Prague are also available to the public. The Traffic Information Centre in Prague closely cooperates with the NTIC. Most of the traffic information and data is shared and used jointly. The Traffic information Centre in Prague is responsible for the collection, processing, and sharing the traffic information from Prague, including the continuous monitoring and evaluating of the current traffic situation.