The National Traffic Information Centre (NTIC)

The National Traffic Information Centre (NTIC) is the central technical, technological, operation and organization station of the ITIS. It is an operation station providing the collection, processing, evaluation, verification and authorization of traffic information and data 24/7. The NTIC is run by the Czech Road and Motorway directorate based on Government Decree No. 590 from May 18th, 2005 and in accordance with art. 124, par. 3 of Act No. 361/2000 Coll.


  • controls the quality and accuracy of the supplied traffic information,
  • controls the submission of information by the individual participating bodies, organizations, institutions, persons, and subjects and in case of their failure to observe their obligations or the methodical procedure solves the problem,
  • settles conflicts when similar or identical sets of traffic information come from the same place, section, or area and is responsible for issuing harmonized information about the incident,
  • updates the information about the incident depending on the actual development of the situation at the scene in cooperation with the respective bodies, organizations, and institutions,
  • monitors the life cycles of the incidents until their resolution and full traffic restoration,
  • completes non-authorized or incomplete information with other attributes from other sources and verifies it,
  • provides traffic information and data to all subscribers, maintains the operation of traffic information and data publication and distribution systems,
  • operates partial applications and systems, solves possible technical and technological problems,
  • maintains and manages the archive of historical data and traffic information, etc.

The NTIC started operating on November 1st, 2005. The new premises of the current station were ceremonially open on Sep. 11th, 2008 in the presence of the highest representatives of the Government of the Czech Republic and Moravian-Silesian region. The station is equipped with the latest information and communication technologies including the possibility of video-conference connection (sharing image, sound, and data screen) facilitating shared remote cooperation and communication with other public administration bodies, organizations and institutions.

The NTIC station is not intended for direct communication with the public.