Prague Ring Road control centre in Rudná

The station is a part of the Czech Road and Motorway Directorate and is located in the Motorway Management and Maintenance Centre in Rudná. A part of the station is the control centre of the Lochkov and Lahovice tunnels with complex supervision over operation, safety, and technological systems of both tunnels. At the same time, it controls the primary traffic on the southwest part of the Prague Ring Road between motorways D1 and D5 via the road line control gates, VTS and TIE and other telematic technologies. The control and information processes will be closely coordinated with the NTIC. Some of the technologies are controlled by operators of both centres based on common rules.

The station operates non-stop 24/7 and is crewed by a staff formed by the employees of the Czech Road and Motorway Directorate and Czech Police.