Why is the severity of a car accident 1 and a 200 m long impassable section severity is 2? Should an accident not always be of the highest severity, i.e. 3?

The level of severity of an incident is not directly tied to a certain traffic incident type, it depends especially on the assessment of its traffic impact. The degree of severity may change according to the current development at the scene as well as during gradual information updating. As the information comes to the ITIS from several thousand members of staff of various bodies and organizations, it is impossible to unify this evaluation parameter absolutely, when it depends on the human factor. The severity should be understood rather as an auxiliary criterion.

I would like to know whether the current traffic information page is updated automatically, e.g. following a change in the situation (accident, weather), or whether I have to "refresh" the page.

The incidents displayed in the map update upon any user activity or selection (display type change, scale change, etc.). As standard, the displayed content is renewed approx. every 2 minutes, depending on the current loading of the servers.