Why aren't some incidents reported on the www.dopravniinfo.cz website?

The respective body, organization or institution has not informed us.

Together with the Czech Police, Fire and Rescue Service, Regional Emergency Medical Service, road administration bodies, road administration authorities, Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, Municipal Police, and other bodies, organizations, or institutions, we are doing the maximum to make such situations exceptional and sporadic.

However, given the nature of the matter, it is impossible to prevent cases of omitting an incident absolutely. It is not humanly possible to keep driving around the entire road network, checking all phenomena and incidents that may limit the road network passability or practicability.

The only ultimately reliable, continuous, and constant control measure is you, the drivers. We want to cooperate with you in creating the web content as this cooperation is the only way of performing overall control leading to the best possible quality of services provided for you. We are creating a team of voluntary traffic reporters; if you want to contribute actively to the building of this web, you can register.

The ITIS is constantly growing and developing; more and more information comes from more bodies, organizations or institutions or from other intelligent traffic systems.