an application with current traffic information



You may follow the current traffic information regarding Czech motorways also using the DOPRAVNÍ INFO.CZ mobile application. Avoid all inconveniences you may encounter on Czech motorways! The application evaluates the traffic situation along the specified route in real time. It covers Czech motorways, provides surveillance video views, updates the traffic situation and weather information automatically. The application may be downloaded for free by all Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile users.  The application may also be run in a browser window at




Application description


The application DOPRAVNÍ INFO.CZ consists of three parts - Home, General, Detail. Switching among the sections is done using the panel in the application window or by listing among screens.


The "Home" screen allows selecting the route and exits (entrance and exit); pressing the "Display" button will switch to the "General" screen. General This screen shows the selected route including the exits, the incidents that the driver shall encounter along the way and, if available, the time of arrival to the destination. The incidents are sorted into groups: Closings and limitations; Traffic accidents; Queues, traffic collapse; Weather warning; the number of messages is also displayed.
The "Detail" screen visualizes the locations of the individual incidents and offers camera views along the route as well as traffic levels in the form of a diagram. The traffic levels are visualized using colours, on the left of the line - the colour indicates the traffic level (green 1 - red 5).