Central Register of Roads (CEPK)

An inevitable precondition of implementing the Integrated Traffic Information System for the Czech Republic is the uniform geographic localization of phenomena and incidents by all public administration bodies, organizations and institutions, and other subjects and persons within the common geo-reference network of roads.

The creation of the Central Register of Roads is given by art. 29a of Act No. 13/1997 as amended, and the respective implementing regulation which is now going through the legislative process. The Central Register of Roads is being prepared and maintained by the Road Databank department of the Czech Road and Motorway Directorate based on the authorization by the Czech Ministry of Transport.

The Central Register of Roads contains information about:

  • roads, their parts and equipment,
  • closings and detours,
  • special use of roads.

The owners of roads of all categories are obliged to submit to the Register information about roads, their parts and equipment in the scope defined by the Ministry of Transport. The type, extent and format shall be defined by the implementing regulation. It shall also define the process steps of supplying information to the Register.

The actual unification of the data on roads disregarding their category and owner shall take place in the years following the conclusion of the legislative process. The uniform way of road evidence shall allow the provision of efficient support of the processes of road management and maintenance, traffic supervision and directing, and the collection, processing, sharing, publishing, and distribution of traffic information and data.

Over the Road Databank, a uniform geo-referencing road network - GLOBAL NETWORK, which is the base for the geo-referencing of phenomena and incidents within the complex system environment of the ITIS.